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Glaze Colors and Custom Designs

We produce high quality, highly detailed handmade tiles.

Our tiles will give your place a distinctive and inviting look that you will be proud of for years to come. Whether you are looking for a custom handmade fireplace surround or a decorative accent for your kitchen, bath, or other special area, we have unique and beautiful options for you. Custom Design Examples

General Information

Glaze Colors
All glazes are hand mixed and the tiles hand dipped with most of the glazes having a matte finish. Due to this process, plus the differences in mined materials, color variations from tile to tile do occur.

Size Variations
Some variation in tile size occurs due to differences in firing and moisture content of the clay. Finished tiles are approximately 1/2" thick.

Custom Sizes
Custom sizing of field tiles for fireplaces is available.

Custom Design Examples

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